The eleven-plus or 11-plus is an examination targeted to some students in England and Northern Ireland in their last year of primary education, which oversees admission to various types of secondary school including Grammar Schools and Private schools.


In this page you will find links to various test providers and types of exams lased on your location/location of the school that you wish to apply.


Our 11+ Mock Tests covers:

  • CEM Mocks 
  • GL Assessment Mocks 
  • SW Herts Mocks 
  • Independent School Mocks
  • Other 11 plus Mocks

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exam boards

We offer candidates an oppertunity to take/retake exams for the following exam boards and levels: • OCR: GCSE, AS and A2-Level
•Edexcel: GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2-Level • Cambridge,CIE: GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2-Level, O level •AQA: GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2-Level • WJEC: GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2-Leve.

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We provide advice and support for external candidates.

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