Changes to A Levels January resits have been discarded. All A Level examinations after June 2013 will only be available in the June Exam series. New A LEVELS are all linear and will be available for teaching in schools from Sept 2015 (first exam 2017). Due to concerns that the value of the A Level qualification has fallen, the Russell Group of Universities “are to launch an urgent review of questions and syllabus” to subjects including Mathematics, English and Science. A Levels will return to linear format and have ‘end of course examinations’. AS levels will be standalone qualifications from Sept 2015, additional reforms are to follow. AS levels will no longer be treated as part of an A Level qualification.



We can accomodate wider range of AS and A2 subjects with OCR AQA and Edexcel exam boards.


Maths, English and Science are populer subjects. We can prove any other written subject papers inclusding langue studies.


If you are re-sttting any exams, we can carry forward your courwork/practical grades.


AS/A2 Exams are charged by paper and usualy they will cost £100-125 each for Edexcel, AQA, OCR and Eduqas/Wjec exam baords.


Please call us for accurate pricing.



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Some useful information about A Level registrations

Some useful information about the GCSE and A Level entry procedure is provided below:

1. Examination Timetable: A downloadable timetables can be found on the awarding body website.

2. If you are taking English Language or a foreign language for which a Speaking and Listening examination is required, you must find a Centre that will enter you for the oral examination – not many Centres do.

3. AQA offer the English Language Speaking and Listening examination to private candidates. There are very strict rules relating to the date by which you must apply. Contact AQA for further information

4. You must contact us to make your entry well in advance of the closing date. Closing dates for the various examination series are given below and rarely change from year to year. Check on the awarding body website if you would like confirmation of these dates. Some Centres set a final date by which they are prepared to accept entries from private candidates.

5. You can register with us online by submitting the identification documents you require.Pleae make sure your ID documents are vaild for the exam date. For example, make sure your passport is not expired before the exame date in june. In addition, the Centre will need your ID, full name, entry code(s), proof of address, UCI and ULN where appropriate.

6. If you are entering for A2 examinations or a combination of AS and A2 you must let the Centre know if you require certification. It is important that this is done at the time of entry.

7. It is entirely your responsibility to provide the us with the correct entry code for your examination entry. This information can be found a your previous Statement of Entry and also on the Statement of Results. 8. A Level examinations are now only available in June. GCSE examinations are available in June with the exception of English and Mathematics (where retakes only are allowed in November).

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