Terms & Conditions

As a private candidate you take full responsibility for filling the exam application accurately, being aware of the conditions and fees on the Exam Application form. Bestgrade Limited T/A Private Exam Centre cannot be held responsible for mistakes in completion of your form. You MUST familiarise yourself with the rules of examinations and certification as issued by your exam board. These are available on the exam boards’ individual websites and will be sent with your statement of entry timetable.

You will also behave accordingly on our premises and when communicating with our staff. Threatening and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and will always be reported to the Awarding Bodies and appropriate authorities.

  • 1. Data protection


    • Data Protection Act 1998: The information on this form will be held both electronically and as a hard copy for the purposes of student account administration within Bestgrade Limited and affiliated centres only. Data will not be disclosed to any external without your express written consent.
    • We work with various affiliated centres and we may forward your details to them for the purpose of exam registrations. We will fill in application forms behalf of you and submit applications adhering their terms and conditions.


  • 2. Document Checklist – To be included with application.
    • Photo  - Recent photograph of the candidate (Head and shoulder photo).
    • Photo ID (can be scanned and emailed back): A valid passport, an expired passport, valid photographic EU identity card, valid photographic driving licence, valid armed forces identity card, valid police warrant card/badge, valid airport employees security identity pass, Citizen Card, valid photographic firearm certificate, valid Government-issued identity card, SMART card, electoral identity card, photographic disabled badge, NUS card photographic (National Union of Students), photographic university/college ID card, company ID card of nationally recognised company (photographic), Council issued bus pass. You are required to bring the Photo ID with you to the exams.
    • Any previous exam results (with UCI number)/copies of precious certificates if required for us to check.


  • 3. Exams and registration


    • You are solely responsible for answering all questions in the application form honestly, completely and to the best of your knowledge and also for ensuring that any assumptions are correct. Failure to do so may lead to incorrect exam registrations and not be able to sit for exams.
    • Bestgrade Limited T/A Private Exam Centre cannot be held responsible for mistakes in completion of your form.
    •  You are solely responsible to ensure that any exam or services you purchase meets your needs. We do are not responsible for your grades and marking as we only facilitate exams behalf of exam boards.
    •  If you have not sat any examinations before in UK, you will not have a UCI or ULN. If you have a UCI and ULN then you can find it on your previous certificates and Statement of Entry, along with our school’s Centre Number.
  • 4. Assess arrangements


    • If due to special circumstances, you have previously been given additional time to complete examinations, you must inform Private Exam Centre at the time of registration. Supporting documentation for additional time allowances is also expected at this time. Special requirements and extra time request must be approved by the exam board/SENCO of the allocated centre.
    • All students who require assess arrangements had to complete JCQ Form8 which need to be completed by a Qualified SENCO.
    • As a private centre, we have limited facilities for access arrangements and private candidates are expected to pay for additional services.


  • 5. Exam Fees
    •  Most Fees are displayed clearly on our website. Due to the nature of some exams (with coursework/practical/orals) fees are discuss individual basis. However, please feel free to call us and we will talk through the cost of your exam entry with you.
    • Once the registration form is completed, we will calculate the total payment from the exam officer, and we will request you to pay in full. If an instalment plan is agreed, then final payment must be completed on or before the agreed date.
    • Entries cannot be made until payment is received in full. Payment can be made by Bank transfer, card payment or cash. If payment is made by cheque, we will not process your application until funds are fully cleared.


  • 6. Statement of Entry and Exam Clashes
    • When your registration and payment is processed, a Statement of Entry will be emailed to your email address.
    • You have to go over the Statement of Entry carefully for any errors and notify us as soon as possible (within 3 days of issue) to resolve any issues. Any changes requested after 3 days of issue, will incur an additional £30 administrative charge.
    • If there are two examinations timetabled for the same time on the same day, you will take one examination after the other, with a short break between examinations but under centre full supervision.


  • 7. Refunds and cancellations
    • Any cancellation requests must be received within 14 days of first instalment payment/full payment and must be before the first entry deadline published in our website.
        • 7th February is the entry deadline for May/June exam series
        • 14th September is the entry deadline for November exam series
        • 1st October is the entry deadline for January exam series
    • Cancellation must be in written format either an email or letter. No refunds will be issued for applications submitted after the above entry deadline.
    • If payments are done in instalments, date of first payment will be counted as agreement date.


    • If a refund is eligible, refund will be given after a deduction of £80 for administrative costs. Once the first entry deadline has passed no refunds can be given.
    • Science Practical Deposits (£300 per subject) are NON REFUNDABLE.


    • FUNCTIONAL SKILLS exams are booked OnDemand and not eligible for refunds. Full payment is required before booking and once the exam date is confirmed there will be NO REFUNDS for cancellations.
    • Refunds will be paid either bank transfer or cheques. There will be no cash or Card refunds.



  • 8. Exam regulations – for exam day


    • Regulations, including those set by the government regulators, require the following:
  • You must arrive on time. (We cannot accommodate late arrivals.)

·   All morning exams commence at 9.00am (doors open at 8.45am).
·   All afternoon exams commence at 1.00pm (doors open at 12.45pm).

  • You must bring your photo identification.
  • You must bring the correct stationery required to complete your examinations. No other items are allowed into the exam room, including bags, mobile phones, headphones etc.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the building. Only water in clear plastic bottles with no labels or markings is permitted.
    • We reserve our right to evict a candidate from an exam in the event of breaches to the above, or for any act that disrupt other candidates and staff. Eviction will also apply where a candidate is caught writing on tables or damaging fixtures and furnishings.


    • Please note that there will be NO REFUND of any fees for absent of any exams by any reasons.


  • 9. Results day and certificates
    • Results can be collected from the centre by candidates free of charge. You must bring your Photo ID. If you wish for your results to be posted free of charge, please provide a stamped self-addressed envelope.  If you wish for us to post out or email your results, an admin fee of £5 is applicable and can be paid over the phone by debit/credit card.
    • When certificates are issued by the exam board, Certificates can be collected free of charge in person with the required identification. A charge of £15 applies for administration and recorded delivery if you require us to post out your certificate(s) within the United Kingdom.


exam boards

We offer candidates an oppertunity to take/retake exams for the following exam boards and levels: • OCR: GCSE, AS and A2-Level
•Edexcel: GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2-Level • Cambridge,CIE: GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2-Level, O level •AQA: GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2-Level • WJEC: GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A2-Leve.

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